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What are Surface Pattress Boxes?

Surface pattress boxes serve as practical housings for electrical components, offering a viable alternative to conventional in-wall installations. These boxes are specifically engineered for scenarios where embedding within the wall structure is impractical or undesirable. They facilitate the mounting of various electrical devices, including sockets, switches, data outlets, and junctions, onto the surface of walls, partitions, or ceilings, ensuring a seamless integration of electrical systems without the need for extensive construction work.

Our range of surface pattress boxes at Deligo Ltd offers a sleek and practical solution for any electrical installation project. Available in both 1 and 2 gang in conjunction with round conduit and square mini trunking.

Browse our collection of surface pattress boxes here:


NEW Surface Pattress Boxes – 32mm

1 Gang 32mm Round Corner

2 Gang 32mm Round Corner

1 Gang 32mm Square Corner

2 Gang 32mm Square Corner


If Decoduct Surface Pattress Boxes are still your preference, rest assured, we continue to provide them for your convenience.

Decoduct Surface Pattress Boxes – 32mm