Security Screws

As a supplier to Electrical Wholesalers for over 25 years, Deligo are pleased to announce the launch of an extended range of Security type products designed specifically for the Electrical contracting industry.
Increasingly, architectural and project specifications are demanding fixings with a higher level of security than the traditional Slotted or Cross recess drives that have been the norm over many years.

The Pin Torx drive found on our products ensures that, where it is necessary, fixtures are more resistant to tampering, vandalism or un-authorised access. Schools, Hospitals, Government buildings and countless other settings can benefit from the peace of mind this system can bring.

Whether it is securing Switch and Socket boxes, Cable conduit systems or a multitude of other sensitive applications, Deligo security screw range has the solution.

Included in the range are;

Pin Torx (T20) M4 Pan Head Machine screws Stainless Steel

Pin Torx (T15) M3.5 Raised C’sunk machine screws Nickel Plate

Pin Torx (T15&20) Flat C’sunk Woodscrews BZP

Driver bit adaptor tools to suit

Security Screws