Loyalty Points

Earn points from ANY of our products, branded or none-branded included, earn rewards and make the most of our Loyalty Points Progam on any product lines. 

Spend your Loyalty Points wisely as each point will expire a year exactly after you acquired it.

The Deligo Customer Loyalty Points rewards customers with Loyalty Points for each purchase. These points can then be used as a cash value to discount future purchases, or select from a choice of products. All customers are initially enrolled in the scheme when creating a web account! When you are logged into your website account and are ready to order from us you will see a special message next to said product, shown below:

Loyalty Points will be earned on every order you place on the website which include products which have loyalty points enabled.

  • Rewards:
    Our Loyalty points can be used towards exciting vouchers to choose from. The most popular would be Amazon Gift Cards! (We also offer JustEat, Deliveroo, Miller&Carter, and Love2Shop - all subject to availability)
  • Product Rewards:
    Another great way to utilize our loyalty points is by adding discounts to products, up to the total cost of the item - simply rewarding you for your spend with us!

When you log onto our website, you can view your Loyalty Points summary, i.e. earnt and spent, within the "customer account" area. This will present the points added onto an order by order basis as well as what points have been redeem against any orders and/or individual products. An email report is sent out to your email if a redemption is made with your points, we’ll also send out a monthly email report to all registered and enrolled customers.(All prizes are subject to availability. Should any voucher be unavailable, a voucher of similar price or specification will be substituted).


The Deligo Customer Loyalty Points now rewards customers with Loyalty Points for each purchase of any products through our website. These points can then be used as a cash value to discount future purchases, or redeemed against a choice of vouchers.

  • Firstly, your Loyalty Points can be used for discounts off our products! To receive a discount off of one of our products with your Loyalty Points all you have to do is head over to our website, add your items to your basket and click the ‘cart’/’basket’ icon at the top right of the page – this will take you to the ‘My Basket’ page where you will see ‘£ Redeem Loyalty Points’ in a green box underneath your products, just to the left of the ‘Save Basket’ and ‘Checkout’ buttons


  • Secondly, you can redeem your Points for a Voucher or Credit Note, for vouchers you would need to email me the follow details: Email (Which you want the voucher sent to), Postcode (So we can redact your newly spent points), the type of voucher and how much you would like to redeem.

Our minimum voucher is £30 which equates to 3000 Loyalty Points. If you have any problems or queries with this, please email Marketing@deligo.co.uk.

Loyalty Points