Inline Cable Jointing Kits

Includes: Earthing continuity packs, plastic joint, PVC tape, disposble gloves, aluminium bag, component resin and the JK1 contains connectors


• Visibility of the correct connection through transparent half-bearings
• High insulation degree
• High resistance to chemical and corrosive agents
• Compatible with different wires section, by cutting the tapered end of the joint
• Rapid restoration of the system, thanks to resin fast cross-linking time.
• Visual check of resin mixing thanks to transparent bags
• Mixing system free of impurities and protected from accidental contacts
• Correct mix ratio with bi-component resin, pre-dosed and packaged in thermoformed bags
• Application flexibility with the possibility to choose different types of pre-insulated and modular connectors

Inline Cable Jointing Kits
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